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This pack contains 5 gently rolled hemp smokes featuring a natural hemp wrapper & menthol filter.

In the Appalachian Mountains, known for clean air and pure water, we organically farm the highest quality Hemp Flowers for your smoking pleasure.

Wolf Budd Hemp Smokes are pasteurized, meaning we remove the harmful bacteria & molds found in most other smokeable hemp products! Our pasteurization process does not harm the hemp flower or its benefits.

Our Hemp Flower Smokes do not contain any tobacco or nicotine, and they are intended for adult smokers of legal smoking age only.

Crafted by Artisans, Wolf Budd is fast acting and smooth. Light up some Wolf Budd and feel what the buzz is all about.

Wolf Budd: The No Nicotine Company

For a full cannabinoid profile, please click here for certificate of analysis on Fresh Hemp Smokes (

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